Pat's Story

For 35 years, I battled my alcohol and drug addiction, my life spiraled out of control. Even as I ran our family business I also spent time in and out of treatment and jail. I was in and out of recovery since 1988, I lost my relationship with my daughter, respect of my family and friends, seven drug felonies, self-worth, self-esteem and financial freedom, none enough to open my eyes to my addiction. On December 22, 2010 I finally hit my emotional bottom the day I watched my daughter's stepdad walk her down the aisle at her wedding. I finally saw what my life had become and where my choices had gotten me. On Feb 27, 2011 my now wife and I said we were done and made the decision to change the way we lived our lives.

Today clean and sober, my path and purpose in life is helping families to find a solution for their loved one and be able to heal from the wreckage that comes with someone being in addiction. My personal experience, a continuing 12 step recovery program and the help of deeper healing has given me a strong background to work with our clients and their families. I have also been a Certified Interventionist and Recovery Coach since December of 2015.



LeiRonna's Story

LeiRonna worked as a professional recruiter for 20 years. She was laid off in February 2016 and decided she was ready to take a leap of faith to follow her passion. She joined her husband Pat in their commitment to help individuals and families begin the healing process from addiction.

LeiRonna has been in recovery since February 2011. Through working a 12 step program and practicing spiritual principles, she discovered her path and purpose. She is a certified recovery coach and is currently enrolled in Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor (LCDC) program in Austin.


If you are ready to stop the madness that is destroying your family, we will be there to  share our Experience, Strength and Hope so your  family can be a family again.


Dreamcatcher Sober Living

Dreamcatcher Sober Living

We are in partnership with Dreamcatcher Sober Living in Austin, Texas. For Women’s Sober Living Houses, please check out their website for continued recovery options.