The bottom line is that a professional intervention can save the life of your loved one. Without some form of intervention, most addicts will continue down the destructive path they have chosen. There are few cases, however, where the heartfelt pleas of the family have been enough but for the most part, professional guidance is necessary.

The families feel there isn't anything they can do to help their loved one, this is when frustration and hopelessness become overpowering. It is important to know there is help even for those who insist they do not have a problem. Every addict has their own personal bottom they have to hit before they are ready to get the help they need, and an Intervention just might be that bottom for your loved one.

 Our Interventions focus on assisting families who have a loved one struggling with addiction or alcoholism and ensure they get the help that is needed. Our primary goals is to help the family approach their loved one through love and compassion but yet a firm bottom line to achieve the end result of going to treatment. We will also help to assess what that bottom line of the family and locate the right facility for treatment. We will also help the family as they will need to heal the wounds that they may have. The bottom line is, it's a family disease and we will address everyone's needs as we work through this process.